Make Money Online As A Yoga Instructor 2022 [Step-By-Step Guide]

Make Money Online As A Yoga Instructor [Step-By-Step Guide]

Hello Friends, Do you want to Make Money Online As A Yoga Instructor In 2022 but do not have any idea, then today we are going to share a step-by-step guide that will help you to make money online as a yoga instructor. We will also tell you some top 10 amazing ways to make money by teaching yoga online.

Now you must be thinking about some basic questions like: Is it possible to earn money by teaching yoga? what's the average salary of a Yoga Instructor? And How can I teach Yoga Online? So, just relax in this article we will cover all these questions one by one.

Make money online as a Yoga instructor

What's The Average Salary Of A Yoga Instructor?

The salary of a Yoga Instructor can vary widely depending upon his/her knowledge and experience, and the number of students he/she teaches. According to the data of 2018 from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a fitness instructor is around $19 per hour, which means $40,000 in a year if a person works full-time as a fitness instructor.

The amount you are going to charge will totally depend on your knowledge and experience. Some great yoga teachers are charging approx $70 and $80 for private lessons. So you can easily make money online as a yoga instructor.

In the starting, you can teach yoga for free after some time when you get some students or clients then you can charge them accordingly. You can use your yoga certificates to show your knowledge and experience to get some initial students.

Here are some top 10 amazing ways to make money by teaching yoga online.

Top 10 Ways To Make Money By Teaching Yoga

Top 10 Ways To Make Money By Teaching Yoga:

These are some Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online By Teaching Yoga, and these income opportunities are perfect for newbie teachers and for anyone who is just started diversifying their income by teaching yoga.

1. Teach yoga at gym or studio:

In starting of your career as a yoga instructor you can teach yoga at the gym or at a studio which will help you to get some initial students or clients. You can teach yoga part-time or full-time here, these initial steps will help to build your yoga instructor resume.

You can also charge some amount of money when you start getting some initial students. You can also visit other gyms or studios and teach yoga which will help you to increase your revenue.

2. Teach at nearby colleges:

You can teach yoga to little children at local schools or colleges and can earn a significant amount of money. You can also visit some community colleges or centers! because they are often looking for yoga teachers to add to their class schedule.

3. Teach corporate yoga:

Nowadays, many companies are organizing some special camps for their employees for relaxing for work-stress, you can talk with them and organize a corporate yoga where you teach yoga to all employees to relax their minds, which will help them to increase their work efficiencies.

4. Start a YouTube channel:

In this digital and modern era, the best way to do anything in social media, you can create your YouTube channel and share your knowledge and tutorials on how to do yoga, correct posture of doing yoga, something like that and you will surely get results because people like to watch this kind of how-to or tutorials videos.

5. Create an Online Course:

As we talked earlier about creating a YouTube channel you can also create your online video course to teach yoga, and upload it to many different online courses websites and whenever a person purchases your course from there you will get the money directly in your bank account.

6. A Podcast about yoga:

You can also create a podcast on yoga and upload it on Spotify to make your online presence and backup content and whenever a person subscribes to your plan or listen to your podcast you will get the money. In the podcast, you can share some tips & tricks related to yoga and share your experience and knowledge with your listeners.

7. Mentor new yoga teachers:

If you are a professional in this field then you can teach yoga to some new mentors to help them and can charge from them accordingly. You can also share your knowledge and experience related to teaching yoga and make money online as a yoga instructor.

According to some data, it was studied that almost 15000+ people learn yoga each year alone in the US. So, you can understand the scope of teaching the new mentors who can work with you in partnership to expand your teachings.

8. Offer paid content:

If you don't want to wait for a long time to rank your YouTube videos so that you can get some clients, you can divert your traffic to your website and sell them your premium content like courses, pdfs, video lectures, etc.

If you don't have a website then you can create one it is very simple to create or you can take some help from YouTube, and upload your premium content there so that whenever someone visits your website they can easily access them so that you can earn money by teaching yoga online.

9. Write a book or ebook:

If you are passionate about writing like me, then you can create a book or ebook on teaching yoga that helps people to learn yoga on their own and publish it on your website or various ebook publishing websites. Writing an ebook can be a source of passive income for you to supplement your teaching.

10. Create your own certification program:

Last but not the least, If you have a well-known brand or you are a professional in this field then you can create your own certification program which will help the newbie to learn yoga quickly and easily, and at the end, you can provide him a certificate on completion of your certificate program. Which will boost the person's ability to learn yoga, and tell them how they can make money online as a yoga instructor.


In this article, we talk about Make Money Online As A Yoga Instructor In 2022 [Step-By-Step Guide] and Top 10 Ways To Make Money By Teaching Yoga Online, now it's your turn to follow your passion and make money by teaching yoga online, Let me know about which idea do you like more in the comments if you have any doubt or query feel free to ask we will surely try to reply you.


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