Make Money By Writing Book Reviews: 10 Websites that Pay You!

Hello Friends, I have a question for you- Do you love Reading Books? Can you write a summary of a book? And if your answer is Yes! then today I am going to tell you about the Top 10 best websites which will pay you just for reading the books, it is not interesting.

Top 10 Websites that Pay You For Writing Book Reviews

Top 10 Websites that Pay You For Writing Book Reviews

In this way, you can turn your passion for reading books to make money. 
You can use your amazing writing and reading skills to make money writing book reviews that can help other readers get a detailed insight into a book. For this method, you don’t have to be a professional writer to earn money with your passion for books.

Nowadays there are many opportunities available online for freelance or reviewers so that they can earn a side income while doing the thing they love. 

So there is a whole new marketplace for book readers and writers. You can easily turn your hobby into a profession in a matter of clicks. Just take a look that How Much You Can Earn as a Freelancer:-

Top 10 websites that Pay for writing Book Reviews:

1. Online Book Club:

Online Book Club is a free reading site, it is a 10 years old website. It has a large reading community from all over the world. This platform has also a great opportunity for reviewers to earn some side income.

For your first review, the Online Book Club will give you a book to review for free after which you will be able to get a reviewing opportunity with a small fee. As a reviewer, you have to write a professional review that covers all aspects of the book, including mentioning the right audience for the book. You are not expected to only write a positive review. Remember, if you don’t like the book, you can mention that in the review and then rate it accordingly.

Payment Method:

The Online Book Club pays through PayPal. Reviewers can earn up to $5 – $60 per review. You also get a $25 Amazon gift card for every 30 reviews. Other than earning through reviews, the Online Book Club also holds a daily giveaway, which is an opportunity to earn a $20 Amazon gift card. JOIN ONLINE BOOK CLUB

2. Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews is an American book review magazine that has gained an impressive reputation for its quality reviews. It is a great place for book reviewers to publish their content on an authentic and respectable forum which have a very huge reader base.

Nowadays, Kirkus media is looking for book reviewers who can write professional reviews on English and Spanish books for Kirkus Indie, which is a section for self-published books.

The reviews should be 350 words long and due two weeks after the book is assigned. There are no charges for the books, they are completely free. You can write reviews for both print media and soft media books as well as paperbacks.

Payment Method:

Reviewers can expect a $50 per 350-word review, although it is not mentioned on their website that it is the exact rate. Once you have completed 8 to 10 reviews, you can even ask the company for payment. 

Before applying for this opportunity the reviewers should have some prior book reviewing experience. And If you meet their guidelines, you can apply by sending your resume and writing samples to the email listed on their website. JOIN KIRKUS REVIEWS

3. The US Review

The US Review is an e-book assessment website that is famous for its first-class critiques. The web e-book offers the opportunity for freelance writers to earn by means of writing ebook critiques for unpublished books. In case you want to use it for this activity, you could send your resume, alongside writing samples and professional guidelines both through electronic mail or normal mail. 

The us evaluate internet site lists the books for overview. From there, reviewers can pick out the books to check by way of bringing up their choices on the list. The books are then assigned so as of reviewer request. Once the e-book is despatched, you're predicted to put in writing an evaluation in 2-3 weeks.

America assessment gives tips on its internet site for the sort of reviews they anticipate from you. Reviewers are required to write down 250-300 words and consciousness at the summary of the ebook as well as any insights drawn from it. You may read the whole recommendations on their internet site and go through some of the instance critiques. Fee assessments are despatched monthly, via the fifth day of every month. Join the US Review.


4. New Pages

New pages is a site that gives online information, information, and courses to literary magazines. The internet site offers the opportunity for freelance writers to earn by means of writing flash opinions. You handiest need to write hundred-200 words, although you may write as much as the restriction of 300 phrases. Reviewers can supply their honest reviews on any of the modern-day books, magazines, or man or woman writings they have read these days.

You may send your sample opinions to new pages. If the crew accepts your submission, you may get paid right away. Be A Part Of New Pages

5. Booklist Online

Booklist is an American magazine that publishes book opinions and has helped thousands of librarians in selecting the proper books. The organization has other merchandise such as booklist mag and booklist reader.

They provide possibilities to jot down e-book reviews for booklist mag and booklist readers.

Your evaluation has to comply with the suggestions provided through them. Evaluations are typically around a hundred seventy-five words, but, if the e-book is a notable one, you can write an evaluation of up to two hundred to 225 phrases. After you send your submission to the booklist, it'll be reviewed and if established, it is going to be edited by means of the editors earlier than being published.

Booklist pays $15 for each overview and $12.5 for blog posts and featured articles. Keep in mind that opportunities are limited so hold the pleasant excessive. Join Booklist.

6. Writerful Books:

Writerful books is an editorial agency that assists authors in securing a publishing deal via ebook editing and manuscript checks.

Currently, the enterprise is providing freelance job possibilities for book reviewers. They're recruiting a panel of professionals to review current books from American, Australian, British, Irish, Canadian, and New Zealand authors.

Once you grow to be dependent on reviewers at wonderful books, you could get a proposal for incomes possibility.

Reviewers can receive a commission from $10 to $50 relying on the fine. The reviewer who publishes the maximum quantity of nice content will get a $a hundred Amazon gift card. Be A Part Of Writerful Books

7. Get Abstract:

Get abstract is a website that gives summaries for all styles of books. It gives summaries on a selection of books such as educational books and journals. The website is supplying possibilities for reviewers to join their teams in Switzerland and the US. To be a part of this team, you could ship your resume to the email indexed on their website.

In case you need to join in as a freelancer, get an abstract that might be accepting packages for freelancers at the end of 2020. You can get employed as a freelance writer to write summaries of books, articles, and journals in English and mandarin. Writers with a technology and generation heritage are specifically advocated to apply. Join Get Abstract

8. Reedsy:

Reedsy is a website that has a whole lot about books and writing. It publishes e-book reviews of many unpublished books and you could end up a part of this thriving network. Masses of authors publish their books for reviewing. Not best you may get a danger to write reviews but additionally get the one's books without cost.

Reedsy doesn’t directly pay reviewers for his or her paintings. Reviewers get paid via the readers who are studying your ebook reviews and enjoying them.

The readers can provide you with $1, $three, or $5 as a thanks gift for the assessment. Consequently, it is essential which you write an actual assessment and construct your profile to earn credibility. Be A Part Of Reedsy

9. Book Browse:

Book browse is a website that publishes opinions of some of the fine books out in the analyzing global. Additionally, they submit critiques for grown-up fiction and nonfiction in addition to books for young adults.

As a freelancer, you could practice for the reviewer position at ebook browse and turn out to be a part of their community.

You could write an overview on a month-to-month foundation and get a small price for it. As an expert inside the u.S., you may get a paperback for review. But in case you live out of doors of the USA, you can get an ebook to check.

Before making use of the task, make certain to read some of the pattern critiques on e-book browse. Evaluations are normally 300 words lengthy.

To use, you can go to the internet site and fill in their application form, and offer a few samples. Be A Part Of Book Browse

10. Any Subject Books:

Any Subject Book is a complete-suite self-publishing carrier. Greater importantly for you, it hires e book reviewers on a ebook-by-e-book basis to assist them evaluate new books.

They’re big on in-depth, sincere, and objective evaluations. No fluff here! They’re also satisfied to offer you books in your selected genres, so if you’re a voracious reader of struggle fiction, you won’t normally be requested to study the present day paranormal romance hit (or vice versa).

Lamentably, any concern books isn't always presently open to ebook reviewer programs, however test returned again — this may change at any time.

These are some Top 10 Websites that Pay You For Writing Book ReviewsAs a book lover there are other kinds of earning opportunities available as well. On a short-term basis, you can sell your old books online and make money from that!

If you like this post please share with your book lover friends so that they can earn some money to give a treat:)

Thank you For Reading. 

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