Best Ways To Get Content Writing Jobs In 2023 - [Secrets Revealed]

Hey, Do you like to read and write content? If your answer is yes! then in this article, I am going to share with you some of the Best Ways To Get Content Writing Jobs In 2023- [Secrets Revealed].

In this article, I will share my experience of content writing on a very well-known platform Fiverr. And I also share my earning proofs so that you get the surety that if you have the right skill then you can also make money online by doing freelancing jobs.

Best Ways To Get Jobs In 2023 - [Secrets Revealed]

My Freelancing Journey & Experience:

So as a curiosity of trying something new and learn from it, I made my Fiverr account just to see how things work and how people are earning from this platform. While making my account and setting up my profile I found that there were many people who are selling their skills and making money from them.

Then after searching for a while I came across a skill is Content Writing, which is one of the most demanding skills of 2022 and in the upcoming years as well. There I found that people are charging $10, $20, $50, and even $100 just for writing a 1000 words article or content.

Then I got an idea and I made my gig related to the Content Writing Niche, by observing and analyzing other's gigs. After that, I share some of my articles as a sample and that's it. After a few days, I start getting messages and orders from clients. These are a few screenshots of my earnings from Content Writing.


Best Ways To Get Content Writing Jobs- [Secrets Revealed]

Below in this article, I shared some of the Best Strategies To Get Freelance Writing Jobs, these are some common but most important steps or strategies when it comes to making money from Freelance Writing Jobs.

Here I will guide you on How You Can Learn Content Writing, How To Create Your First Content Writing Gig On Fiverr, How To Get Traffic On Your Fiverr Gigs, and Finally How To Earn Money From Freelance Writing Jobs.

I will also share my earnings as well at the last of this article.

1. How To Learn Content Writing/ Freelance Writing

I want to clarify that I have experience in Content Writing and Know how to write an amazing article or content. But if you don't have any idea about Content Writing then you can learn it from here Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs.

2. How To Create Content Writing Gig On Fiverr

Once you get the idea of Content Writing and when you are capable of writing the Content then you can make your gig based on this skill and start sharing your gig on various social media platforms to get better reach and good clients. You can also take some ideas from these gigs:- How To Write Articles & Blog Posts And Earn Money.

Generally, It is a 5-step process containing the following sections:

  • Overview: Here you can choose your gigs- Title, Category, metadata, and Tags.
  • Pricing: Here you will have to set the pricing of your gigs you can look at others gigs to get the best idea of the price.
  • Description & FAQ: Here you will have to share some details and Frequently Asked Questions, Which you can also take reference from other gigs.
  • Requirements: In this section, you tell your clients about the details which you want to write the content for example a sample website.
  • Gallery: It is the last step of setting a gig, here you will have to add some pictures which will display on your gig and you can also attach some demo articles to your experience in content writing.

3. How To Get Traffic On Fiverr Gigs

Now once you completed all the steps that are mentioned above and set up your profile then you will have to wait for people to buy your services. Now it totally depends on the algorithms of Fiverr to show our gig on top of the results. So that we can get some orders.

But what we can do is that- we can share our gig on different social media platforms, in many different content writing groups to get your first client.

Some most famous Social sites for posting these gigs are:- Content Writing Facebook Groups, Twitter by using appropriate #hastags, and Quora by answering people's questions.

Once you get your first client try to offer your best and at first don't work for money. Try to get some experience and make your online presence on Fiverr by delivering the content on time and getting high ratings from the clients.

And then you can start charging your clients as per your experience and skill in the content writing niche.

4. Do You Best And Fulfill Your Clients Need

After implementing all these Best Strategies To Get Freelance Writing Jobs, you will get your first Content Writing Job or Client, Please note that it is always difficult to get your first client once you overcome this milestone.

Then Fiverr will automatically start showing your gig on the result page which will increase the chance of getting the clients. And then all you have to do is just simply deliver the work as per the client's need.

Because it will increase your chances of getting repeat orders from the same client which will increase the level of trust.

That's all from my side now as I have shared with you the Best Ways To Get Content Writing Jobs In 2023- [Secrets Revealed].

Now Let's Take A Look At My Fiverr Earnings


This is my first-month income from content writing on Fiverr and similarly, I continue my work for the second month and I make around $80.


And now let's take a look at my Paypal account regarding the credit details of these earnings into my bank account.



Now, I have guided you on the Best Ways To Get Content Writing Jobs In 2023- [Secrets Revealed], now it's your time to turn your passion into profit and make some money from it. I am sure that if you will follow this step-by-step procedure and the Best Ways To Get Content Writing Jobs, then you will surely get clients in just a few days and you can also start earning as well.

If you have any doubts or suggestions then feel free to write them down in the comment box, I am waiting for hearing your success stories in the comment section.

Thanks For Reading:)

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